Hi I'm Nikki Parkinson, nice to meet you ...


I am honoured that you are here.The fact that you are here shows me that you need my help. You need guidance. You need answers. I will be your guide. I specialise in separation strategies for men and women who are navigating their way through separation. I have a wealth of knowledge of the family law system, having worked in the system for 20 years. I’ve experienced the difficulties of separation, both my own and my clients. 


I am so glad you've taken this step for you. The world needs the best version of you.

"I first met Nikki about 20 years ago while she was working with a family law specialist in a busy practice based in Lismore and we have worked with each other (often opposite each other in matters) ever since. I have come to know Nikki very well in both professional and personal context. I can, without reservation, vouch for her depth of knowledge and understanding about the various issues surrounding relationship and marital separation. Nikki's skill set extends well beyond the legal aspects of separation. She has an understanding of the impact of separation from an emotional, psychological, financial and personal perspective. Throw into the mix Nikki's amazing and enviable organisational skills, and what you end up with is a complete and comprehensive package which represents a holistic approach to solving the problems which arise from family separation.." 

Stephen Tester, Family Law Specialist, Somerville Laundry Lomax

About 18 months ago I went through a break up which put my entire life in an uncontrollable spin.  Not only was I dealing with the sudden and painful loss of my relationship but also the implications for my children and the possibility of losing the assets I felt were essentially theirs. I was unprepared for the level of uncertainty and confusion I experienced on a daily basis and I was shocked by how hard it was to maintain a functioning life.


I was lucky enough to know Nikki and when she heard of my distress she personally reached out and offered me support that went beyond expectation in terms of generosity and kindness.  Her balanced advice and well-considered encouragement was exactly what I needed and it led me in the direction of healthy decisions and positive change.  That change has had a ripple on effect that continues to improve the quality of my life on a daily basis.


I literally don’t think I could have survived that time without her guidance. KYLIE D

As grandparents to two grandchildren that have been through a very unstable upbringing until their parents divorced two years ago.

They were living with an alcoholic mother that had mental health issues as well and also domestic violence, our son did all he could to try and keep the problem a secret and in saying that became part of the problem until the time that you couldn’t hide it any longer. I had many meetings with Nikki in regards to this problem and she was always helpful and caring and helped us weather our way through a very hard time to sit and watch your son and grandchildren fall apart in front of your eyes is traumatic to say the least Nikki’s help kept me sane through the whole ordeal. JULIE M

When I started looking for some information about divorce and separation I was so stressed I couldn't find any basic information. I just wanted answers. I wanted someone to tell me what it meant. I went down the dark hole of searching for the quick fit. Then I found the Divorce and Separation Hub and instantly signed up for the Toolkit. It was practical, easy to follow and the checklists where great. I took all the information to my lawyers which saved me time and money. Instead of me going to go gather all the information she wanted I had it there with me at my first appointment. Highly recommended. DAVID W

The toolkit has been my go-to resources kit since prior to my separation. It gave me the information and confidence to move through my separation with a clear guide and strategy in place. I cannot recommend it enough. SAM L

Are you ready?

P.S. Your current situation is not your final destination.